Why to use Nanosterile in KV Detail?

1.) interior disinfection lasting 2 years! Guaranteed, certified, tested 🙂

2.) better interior air freshness. Advantage during long rides

3.) removes cigarette smell (and others)

4.) travelling more comfortable for allergic people

5.) safer environment for children if you travel with animals – eliminates bacteria

NANOSTERILE is a protective layer spray containing nanoparticles of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and silver (Ag), which are capable of destroying bacterias, viruses, funguses, dust, smell and chemicals released into the air.

Technology was designed in Japan and includes several patents. Biocide effect of TiO2 strongly helps to protect health of a person in that particular environment. TiO2 can be found normally in nature but it´s effect is stronger when the particles are smaller (NANOSTERILE works with 2-3 nm sized particles, the smallest particles designed to date!) Nanoparticles of silver effect cell exchange of bacteria and limit it´s breathing. Important – it is NOT toxic to human cells.

Toxic organic chemicals, fungus and viruses removal works on photocatalytic reaction basis. Photocatalysis is activated when sun rays hit cleaned surface which begins to oxidate strongly. Bacterias and viruses on this surface are decomposed to CO2 and H2O. Antimicrobial effect of silver is not dependent on light so it works even in dark.

To start photocatalysis you do not need any special rays, just sunlight. The biggest advantage is lifetime of the protective layer which we guarantee for 2 years! Using this natural process cleans and disinfects your inside vehicle environment without using any aggressive chemicals. Effectiveness of TiO2 is according to studies 2x times higher than using chlorine-based disinfection products and is 1,5x times more effective than ozone disinfection.

For more information, please visit – www.nanosterile.eu

It is neccessary to apply the product properly on cleaned surface for guaranteed 2 years. Using dirty / contaminated cloth you need to foam vacuum the surface first, and than clean the leather nice and deep.


KV Detail is an exclusive Nanosterile application centre.

Program time

0,5 – 2 hrs.

Price: 15 € for child car seat

All prices include VAT.

Price: 29 € only for back seats (with standard interior maintenance - vacuuming, plastic, windows))

All prices include VAT.

Price: 59 € (with standard interior maintenance - vacuuming, plastic, windows))

All prices include VAT.

Price: 79 € (with foam vacuuming and deep leather cleaning)

All prices include VAT.

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