Hand car wash – overview of programs

  • Program CLASSIC
  • from 35
    depends on car size 
  • – exterio washing + interior cleaning (vacuum, plastic and glass cleaning). We recommend at least once a month. Time: 1:45 -2 hrs.
  • Program ULTIMATE
  • from 89
    depends on car size 
  • – most selling! Program CLASSIC + paintwork decontamination, ceramic wax.. We suggest at least once a year care for excellent car paintwork condition. Time: 3-5 hrs.
  • Program PLATINUM
  • from 249
    depends on car size 
  • – highest care ! Program ULTIMATE + paint polishing with maschine. Free your car from scrathes. Time: 7-8 hrs.

Program comparison

pre-rinse of vehicle to clean the biggest car dirt
rim and splash-board cleaning
inside door, frame and hinge cleaning
active pH-neutral foam application to clean remaining dirt
car cleaning using 2 buckets method by sheep wool glove and pH-neutral shampoo*
vehicle drying using microfibre cloth
outside car window cleaning
tire impregnation (glossy / dim)
complete interior and luggage compartment vacuuming
interior plastic materials cleaning
inside window cleaning
paintwork decontamination (CLAY-ing)
pre-wax cleaning before wax application (grease removal)
one-layer carnauba wax on paintwork application
detailer application for higher paintwork glance
final quality control
time30-45 min.1:45 – 2 hrs.3-5 hrs.
Small vehicle (for instance Škoda Fábia, VW Polo, Hyundai i10, Smart, Peugeot 208, ..)17 €35 €89 €
Medium sized vehicle (for instance VW Golf, Škoda Octávia, VW Passat, BMW X3, VW Tiguan, …)19 €39 €95 €
Large vehicle (Off-road, VAN + Mercedes GL, BMW X5, Audi Q7, ..)23 €44 € or agreement99 € or agreement

* cleaning using pH-neutral shampoo does not compromise paint wax and plastic or chrome vehicle parts. Cleaning using sheep wool glove using “2 bucket method” does not cause microscratches (holograms). Why this type of cleaning? Info here.

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Additional services – interior

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