Nanotechnology creates invisible layer which protects fabric surfaces or roof of convertibles from many different liquids. Liquid does not soak in after contact with protected fabric but stays on surface – you can just swipe it off. Surface stay dry without any marks.

  • lifespan 6 months
  • hydrophobic effect
  • Bailed liquid is driven away
  • surface still dry
  • Advisable even on fabric carpets and roofs of convertibles + other different fabrics

*In case of dirty fabric surface you need to foam vacuum it first before application! Consult it with our KV Detail hand car wash staff.

Program time

4-6 hrs.


Carpets: 29,- €

Seats: 49 €

Carpets + seats: 69,- €

Roof of convertible: 29,- € 

All prices include VAT.

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