Or how to wash your car the safest way so it will not scratch the paintwork? We believe that times washing when you washed your car with sponges and kitchen equipment are over. Sponge only catched all the dirt and cause microscratches (holograms). They did not make any motorist happy. The most popular way of washing is using high-pressure washer (wap). But you also have to be cautious when using it.

If the vehicle is really dirty from the mud, sand, dust or other you can scratch the paintwork by using high-pressure wap. You should wash the biggest dirt first by 2 buckets method when one bucket is for pH-neutral shampoo and other for clean water and cleaning glove. We prefer woolen microfibre gloves which are very sensitive to paintwork and with pH-neutral shampoo will not damage the wax – this is the safest way to wash your vehicle!
The method of cleaning depends on whether the car was waxed or not. If not, use pre-rinse and low pressure wap or hose so you will not scratch the paintwork. If waxed, you should not pre-rinse – you could damage the wax. You should only use soft water flow. We always start to wash from the roof by horizontal moves from top to bottom. During the wash we clean the glove or cloth in bucket with clean water and use the shampoo from the second. You should wash the bottom parts of the vehicle at last – the biggest dirt is located here. Do NOT clean from bottom to top! You can only cause heavy scratches by these moves when moving the dirt from the bottom up.
After the wash with shampoo you should dry the vehicle with blowers and microfibre towels.