Summer is coming and higher temperatures with it which means more risks for your vehiclle. What risks?

Insects, flies, and bird droppings. All this can within a few days make a significant damage to your car´s paintwork and in extreme cases even corrode your paint. In this case, not even machine polishing will not help – only new paintwork. How can you best prepare for upcoming season?

Main base (leather) is mostly green or grey. This “base” is painted with fancy color for interior to look trendy. This top layers needs the best treatment.

  1. WAX, WAX, WAX

KV Detail Hand Car Wash in Ružinov, Bratislava always recommends to have your car waxed during all seasons. The most important thing before waxing is to have your car nicely cleaned, decontaminated and washed one more time. You can also use special degreasers to remove remaining wax layers, called “pre-wax cleaner-y”. Wax protects from:

  • insects, flies
  • bird droppings (many types exist, some of which are very aggresive to paintwork)
  • UV rays (paintwork will not shine)
  • road dirt

We recommend to layer the wax, apply at least 2 layers for longer last. How long will the wax last? It depends on what equipment for cleaning you use, car use, environment in which you drive. 2 layers should last at least 5 -6 months!



Nanotechnology will create invisible and water repulsive layer on your front windshield. Water will fly away from the window in rain. Speed, from which the wiper works the best, is individual. It depends on the windshield angle and application process. There is also a big difference between cheap 2,5€ wiper from supermarket and professional for tens of euros.

We use quality brands which will last at least 3-4 months.


Cheap windshield washer fluids are very aggressive and can create limescale in direct sunlight in just a few minutes. They also weaken plastic light covers. Be careful! You should invest in quality brands. We recommend Autoglym ultimate screenwash. It can be used all year long, has pH-neutral effect so it will not weaken wax.


Recommended at least once a year. If your car is new it does not mean it cannot produce bacterias or funguses. It will 🙂 It is all about prevention and health. Interior disinfection, will also remove all dog or cat bacterias.

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