During the summer months many clients have visited us, asking for limescale removal from paintwork and windows. They were extreme cases when not even multiple cleaning processes using aggresive chemicals would not help. In some cases it took us 2 or 3 hours to remove the limescale, in others we had to use machines to polish it.

How can it be? Mostly, when the vehicle was parked near the source of the hard water and direct sunlight. For example – car was parked near garden watering system with hard water, which hardened in few minutes on the sun and thanks to high temperatures.

How can you get rid of limescale? Do not try to use heave force with hard sponges or kitchen equipment. For the light layer of limescale we in KV Detail Hand Car Wash wash by hand with pH-neutral shampoo. Then we use safe cleaner for removal. After removal we clean the car once more. In extreme hard limescale cases we use machine polishing. DONE.

How can you protect againts the limescale? Wax, paste, conserve, .. From the latest experience in KV Detail we know that prevetion – waxing against limescale will help significantly. Limescale can be created, but will be much easier to remove. Stronger the protection, easier to remove it.

In case you find limescale or other dirt on your car, do not hesitate and visit our famous hand car wash KV Detail in Ružinov, Bratislava.