In the last post we discussed the importance of car protection by waxing (not only during winter). Now we will introduce the options how to give your vehicle standart winter protection. Besides the hard carnauba wax or sealer on wax it is recommended to apply nanotechnology called liquid wiper which will guarantee better water conduction (or snow) and therefore better view. Snow will not be glued on the window very strong so you do not need to scratch it out in the morning just wipe it of softly.There is also less dirt on the window and better visibility. It is recommended to apply liquid wiper on all windows, not just the front windshield. The basic technique is quality cleaning and ungreasing of the windows.

Pros of liquid wiper:

  • water conduction from 60-80 km per hour speed (also depends on product and window angle)
  • minimal window dirt
  • snow will not freeze on the window – do not need to scratch it off

In case you find your vehicle under the snow and you do not have a lot of time to swipe or scratch it off you should you window de-icers such as Autoglym De-icer which we recommed to spray on the front window. On side and back windows we recommend to use it only in case of not waxed vehicle. By using wipers on frozen windows you risk damaging your wipers rubber parts. It is better to spray the window with de-icer once more. If you waxed the car before the winter we do not recommend to use de-icers (except Autoglym De-Icer or similar) on side windows because it could weaken the wax layer after it melts off.

Be cautious using small brooms or brushes when swiping off the snow from the roof! The best options is to garage your vehicle. If you do not have one, please, swipe carefully. Brooms or brushes can damage the paintwork very easily so you can be surprised by scratches after the winter. It is better to use microfibre glove or safe rubber scraper.

You can also use special waxes, sealers or nanotechnologies on tire rims. Dirt, dust, road salt and other particles will not get glued on them so the wash will be that easier.

By frequent road salting we recommed to wash your rims few times per winter. It is enough to use fast waping for biggest dirt and salt removal. If the vehicle is extremely dirty from salt you should use our Programom Express wash (caution – waxed car should be cleaned only by soft, pH-neutral shampoo).
For interior prevention we recommend to bu rubber mats. If you do not have them you should use nanotechnologies to protect the textile from dirt leaking into it so you can clean it easily from the surface. We will be happy to apply it in our KV Detail Hand Car Wash in Ružinov, Bratislava.
Once again, better safe than sorry!