Liquid wiper helps safety – upgrades view and keeps windows clean

“Liquid wiper”, slang term for water repulsive nanotechnology which will create invisible protective layer and will help auto-clean the windows. Front windshield will be cleaned thanks to wind force.

Limescale on paintwork. How to remove it? How to be protected against it?

During the summer months many clients have visited us, asking for limescale removal from paintwork and windows. They were extreme cases when not even multiple cleaning processes using aggresive chemicals would not help. In some cases it took us 2 or 3 hours to remove the limescale, in others we had to use machines to […]

Autoglym presentation for Hyundai dealers

In co-operation with our main cosmetics dealer, Autoglym Slovakia, we prepared an interesting workshop of precise and effective cleaning for Hyundai dealer from Slovakia. The main goal of the workshop was to clarify the right technics of cleaning focused on speed and precision in salesplaces of old or new cars.